Many factors like poverty, lack of education, ignorance, digital inaccessibility, regional disparities, lack of basic skills, and cultural barriers limit the potential of economically disadvantaged youth to break the cycle of poverty and earn a better livelihood.

In such grim situations, it is the youth who can shift the paradigm and step up to support their livelihoods. With appropriate skill development training and mentorship, and also cultivated exemplary personality traits like discipline, hard-work, sincerity, resourcefulness and most importantly, a problem-solving mindset, every young person can stand at a threshold of uncountable opportunities to earn a brighter future. This is exactly what our skill development program envisions to achieve.

Through our need-based models, we are set on a mission to equip the youth with all necessary resources and capabilities to empower marginalized communities with sustainable transformation.

Our Model


We help our students be better equipped to handle the outside world by teaching them essential life skills of goal setting, financial management, sexual and emotional health, time management, and communication. We also inculcate in them the values of resilience, teamwork, and leadership.


For the first time job finders, we provide an in-depth real marketplace experience to help them navigate their way through job hunting. Our network of partnerships offer young students job shadowing opportunities with local businesses and companies that often convert into full-time jobs for many of them.


We provide 3-6 months of vocational training courses that aid students to access entry level jobs in the market. The majority of our students have been out of schooling or education for many years. We make them more employable with the help of expert training and peer-to-peer learning, helping them earn a living for themselves.


We work round the clock to prepare our students for the forthcoming job opportunities by helping them build their profile. Students engage in job searching, interview preparation, resume correction, and interpersonal communication practice. Through a network of community partners and businesses, we are ensuring successful implementation of this program.



We run a variety of skill development schools to train young students in different vocational courses to enhance their employability and empower them to earn a better livelihood.

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As the garment industry continues to thrive, the demand for skilled tailors is at an all-time high. Cutting and tailoring are lucrative career options for students wanting to set up independent small-scale enterprises. We equip the students with in-depth tailoring skills and knowledge such as cutting, embroidery, fabrics, stitching, etc. to help them independently take on projects that can generate a stable income and support their families better.

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Beauticians and hairdressers are indispensable in their role of helping us groom our appearances. With a market that is always in boom, the beauty industry has a constant need of skilled professionals who are committed to high-quality client service. Across the spectrum of beauty, we provide skill development training for massage services, nail care, nail art, and make-up. Our hairdressing skill training includes hair wash, haircut, hair colour, basic knowledge of hair products, and the art of straightening and blow-drying.

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Construction workers are the true builders of the nation. Leading this process silently to build the infrastructure that makes our lives easier, they let their actions and work speak for themselves. This sector is instrumental to the growth of the nation, and can thus benefit many young people seeking employment. We train students in tiling, brick laying, carpentry, painting, electrical work, and plumbing, to help them take on different vocational professions for a steady income flow.

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The pandemic has transformed the digital world into an array of new profitable opportunities. Today, digital skills are among the most employable and in-demand job skills that guarantee a better livelihood. We provide skill development training in various aspects of digital design, including but not limited to Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier Pro, magazine design, logo design, basic video shooting and editing.

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Yoga instructors are the caretakers of our mind, body, and soul, as they help us center our core along with improving our fitness. Besides, yoga has seen increasing popularity in recent times due to the shifting attitudes towards health and fitness. To help students tap into the changing norms and needs around fitness, we are providing skilling courses in yoga that cover meditation, physical practice, and self study. The course equips students to not only strengthen their personal practice but also guide and teach others to earn a livelihood.

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Sports teachers and coaches nurture the journeys of thousands of passionate students and help them achieve their dream careers in sports. There is no dearth of demand for skilled sports teachers across educational institutions. Our training modules across different sports help the students become personal coaches or instructors in different institutions, empowering them to channel their passion in a way that brings financial stability to their families.

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Knowledge is power. And, it is the educators and trainers who ensure that every child is empowered with this knowledge. They shoulder the responsibility of building the nation’s future, and are required by every educational institution at some point or the other. We train students in elementary and secondary education, right writing, effective communication and presentation skills, subject matter expertise, digital learning, and teaching practices, to facilitate better education and training at different learning institutions.

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Customer service professionals anchor an entire population by addressing their grievances and solving their queries. Skilled communicators are required in this industry on a consistent basis to help millions of customers meet their needs and lead smoother lives. To secure stable admin and BPO jobs, we support the students in understanding office administration, hardware and networking, customer service, telemarketing, basic electrical and tools handling, creativity and competitiveness, effective communication, language training, and business process outsourcing.

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If we don’t act today, our future generations will not have anything to act upon. Sustainability is the key to unlock the possibility of a blossoming future for the generations to come. When 70% of a country’s population is engaged in agriculture, it is imperative to inculcate the values of sustainability at the grassroots and upwards from there. Through training in crop health management, water conservation, agripreneurship, seed collection and propagation, soil health management, and basic agricultural science, we are teaching students how to ensure that sustainability and agricultural prosperity go hand-in-hand.

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Businesses are scaling up in full swing, and to support their exponential growth, a skilled accounting and management workforce is required. The business industry is the cornerstone of the economy’s progress and recovery. With the right skills, young students can find their best fit in this booming industry. Leveraging the ever-growing world of business management to help students earn better employment opportunities, we provide skill development training in MS Office, payroll management, ICT for accounting, Tally ERP 9, business communication, statutory compliance, GST application, banking, and IBPS.

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Right from restaurants and bars to grand events and weddings, the catering and hospitality industry has taken businesses by storm with its effective need-fulfilling capacity. A job in this sector guarantees consistently high returns for young professionals. The budding hospitality industry requires adept professionals who can grow at a fast pace. Through a variety of skill development courses, we train our students to align themselves with the industry’s growth trajectory and benefit from its increasing returns.