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About us 

Rooted in the principle of sustainable poverty alleviation, Thar Charitable Foundation fosters a world of growth and equity with long-term capacity building solutions. Through Power of Education, Impact of Skill Development and Nurturing the Spirit of Social Entrepreneurship, we create a holistic environment for the growth and development of marginalized communities. We devise market-driven models that harness the power of compassion, innovation, and knowledge dissemination to create sustainable employment opportunities for those in need. 

Our Programs

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Social Impact Fund

Having identified the gaps that entrepreneurs struggle with, we have structured our engagements on a need-based model to bridge these gaps in the best possible way. Our success lies in our ability to execute as we not only provide financial resources but also strategic support, challenging them to impact larger populations and work more efficiently for sustainable development.

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Children and young people need to develop a spark of interest towards learning. They will need to learn and adapt as they grow and move between sectors, jobs and settlements, interact with other communities etc. We need to prepare them for future workforce by exposing them to social issues and by encouraging them to volunteer their time and effort into the community.

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Skill Development 

We envision skilled and empowered youth, creating young leaders, entrepreneurs and skilled individuals. Our programs cater to various sectors and skill sets. The list is dynamic and constantly evolving according to the needs of local economies. Here are 11 currently in-demand and upcoming sectors that are propelling rural youth towards professional careers.

Our path is structured to bring change at all levels

Family welfare by Nurturing Early-stage Entrepreneurs
Child Potential by Power of Education
Future of Youth by Skill Development


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Thar Charitable Foundation


FEB 24, 2021


FY 2019-20 (PDF)

Covid-19 Response Factsheet


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